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 Rent a car in Chisinau directly at the Airport

If you think what procedures of rent of a car and paperwork occupies the whole eternity. We hurry to please you – it takes no more than 30 minutes. Even quicker it will be if you leave the application online and our consultants will contact you. Each application for rent of a car is considered and discussed with the client in an individual order.

However can also refuse to you service if the tenant has a large number of unpaid penalties. Penal points or at numerous violations of a lease term of a car. But such cases almost don’t happen. The staff of the company always tries to meet requirements of you and to find option which will suit both parties.

Before you decide to go to the companies on lease of cars and to sign the contract. Also accurately consider need of rent of a car and estimate the requirements to understand what car is necessary for you. Study models and brands which are available.

You can discuss all points with the consultant of the company. There you can learn whether you can leave the countries. Surely you remember that you have to return the car in good condition, in purity and with the same volume of fuel with which you took it.

If no violations are revealed – it will be big plus for you if you in the future regularly use company services.Renting a car, you confer on yourself responsibility for the acquired vehicle which belongs to the company. If you feel some fear, you should show consideration for point of an insurance more. Discuss all options of insurance with the consultant. Choose that which you consider the most optimum for you.


Book a car online in Chisinau and Airport

Renting cars in Moldova has become much easier with the development of technologies, few time ago renting a car required a big effort, and now it is possible to rent a car online, staying at home, on the site.

Just in a few clicks you have a quality service, where headaches and transport problems can be forgotten. All you need to rent a car on-line in Moldova is to choose the desired brand and fill a simple blank, and it’s done! From this moment you become a happy owner of your rental car.

Our company has been providing services in sphere of renting cars Chisinau for 10 years. You can be sure that you choose the right company to rent a car cheap, safe and with quality.
Therefore, we are among the best rental car company because we have made our services as affordable as possible for our customers.

Renting cars at us amazes in price and simplicity. You will truly convince all the benefits when you rent a car from us.